About Us...

 Susie has 25 years of media experience, was an Account Executive, Sales Manager, Director of New Business Development, Director of Vendor and Director of Non-Traditional Sales.  In 2004, Susie left selling to better service her clients and potential clients with ALL of their marketing needs. She could see the many needs of customers not represented by just one media. She could see the opportunity to develop strategies across many media platforms and decided to develop a full service agency offering a full spectrum of services and specializing in media strategy, negotiation & placement.                                                                                           
Who is

Owner and President, Susie Carlson

In addition to the media strategizing, planning and buying, Public Relations, and media evaluation services Susie provides, she also networks with a number of other individuals who specialize in website creation, hosting, management and design, as well as T.V. production, radio production as well as talent services.  Susie doesn't see the need to pass the cost of employing full time employees for these positions and has instead, decided to put her 25 years of experience and great relationships to work for her and you!  This allows Energy 8 Media to offer the most cost effective  services possible.  No need to worry about retainers and fees. We believe in working for every penny we get! Because we operate on a debt free basis, this allows us to make individual decisions based on your needs, not on the prior commitments of the agency or it's principals.

Susie is a graduate of BYU with a double major in Geography and Communications and an extra major skill in music.  (Actually, I wanted to travel the world, but couldn't figure out how to make a living at it, so I figured if I can make other people enough money, maybe there will be a little left over for me to travel on!--A much better plan than being a travel agent!)

Susie's Hobbies are:  Traveling, Excercising (Water Aerobics Instructor), Family, and scrapbooking all of the above!
Susie's First Paying Job: Lifeguard/Swimming Instructor
Susie's Best advice ever received: Under Promise and Over Deliver!
Advice I've actually listened to: It's not the big that eat the small, it's the fast that eat the slow!