Why hire energy8media?

 What we provide for you... 
 An intimate working relationship with the media-freeing up your time to do your job.

 Exceptional relationships with ALL media.

 Interfacing with media rep contacts so you’ll know where the special deals are at any given time. 

 Available to you and provides follow up with you within a reasonable time frame.  (Special note…my particular and unique skill set will benefit you because I’ve either hired or worked for or with many of my contacts in media, so in most cases, I have the best reps at the organization and get deals where no one else even knows there is an availability!)

 Provides reports and schedules advertising faster than you can do it yourself. 

 Interfaces with the media to allow separation between the press and the advertising.

 Media is a supply and demand business.  Your advertising dollar goes further when I place it.

 Supplies Excel spreadsheets and working documents with regular updates in a readable format making it easy to cut and paste portions of the document for meetings for internal justification of action and to substantiate department responsibilities.

 Acts as your right arm (unless you’re left handed!) Helping you prepare for meetings and do background & behind-the-scenes work for presentations.

 Comes up with ideas you don’t think of because they are just outside the forest and can actually SEE the trees!

 Handles all accounts payables and sends out an easy to read QuickBooks invoice for the campaign outlining all activity for that specific campaign.

 Negotiates promotions and spiffs based on the money the client spends with the media thus enabling our dollars to work twice as hard receiving additional airtime/print space as well as providing gifting items for charities as well as moral building activities.

 A sounding board for campaign ideas with confidentiality.

 Provides volume discounts by joining your budget with other clients that help with major media price breaks.

 Treat you like you’re their only client. Is pleasant to work with.  It's easier to get bees with honey than vinegar!  Words to live by!

 Provides good record keeping. 
 Access to ratings systems such as Tapscan, Arbitron, Nielsen, Qualitap, Media Audit and other industry standard services used to determine the best spend for the money.
 Strengths in new media, internet and marketing on the web.

Do what you do and do it best!  We’ll all be more efficient if we specialize in our craft.  Having a GREAT Media Buyer allows you to do what you’re best at.  After all, you will always know more about your job than a media buyer, but a GREAT media buyer will always know more about media, what’s happening and how to save us money than you will.  A GREAT Media Buyer will have a pulse on the media business and that benefits our business.

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